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Need some medical marijuana edibles for your NFL weekend? For any occasion that might not be right for smoking, Discreet Treats Edibles offer a wide variety of flavors, aromas and taste.

Take And Medicate to Go Form:

Simply email us a list and your phone number and will prepare your food and MMJ for quick and dicreet pick-up at our MMJ Center locations in Colorado Springs. Max 2 ounces per visit.
NEW Ganja Pizza Deluxe Mozzarella Cheese, Pepperoni, Onions, Bell Peppers - MADE FRESH TO ORDER! 200 mg
Product Description THC
Jolly Drops hard mmj candies with fruit flavors
tricones mmj edibles
100 mg
The Tricone chocolate dipped ice cream cones
tricones mmj edibles
200 mg
Rice Kreepers
rice crispies with a mmj twist
mmj edibles colorado springs rice kreepers
200 mg
Cookies & Dreams loaded with mmj white chocolate & cookies
cookies and dreams mmj edibles
100 mg
Golden Ganja Bar delicious and decadent mmj treats
golden ganja bar mmj edibles
200 mg
Phat Stacks mmj chocolate with stacked butterscotch
phat stacks mmj edibles
100 mg
Buddha Brownies
rich & packed with mmj sweetness
mmj edibles buddha brownies
200 mg
Reefer Peanut Cups mmj chocolates, peanuts and cups - oh joy!
reefer peanut butter cups mmj edibles
100 mg
Sensi Sticks
mmj chocolate dipped pretzel sticks
sensi sticks mmj edibles
180 mg
Rastamint Crunch MMJ peppermint candies
rasta mints mmj edibles
100 mg
Chewbaca chewy medical marijuana treatchewbaca mmj edibles 134 mg
Cherry Bombs dark milk chocolate and a cherry inside
cherry bombs mmj edibles
134 mg
Chronic Crunch malted crunch with mmj milk chocolate
chronic crunch mmj edibles
100 mg
Twisted Turtles caramel, pecans & milk chocolate
twisted turtles mmj edibles
100 mg
Kush Clusters clusters of quality edible mmj 100 mg
Hash Capsules prefer discreet meds? try mmj capsules 40 mg
Hash Oils easy to use syringe filled with mmj hash oil 80%
Bubble Hash soft and extremely potent hashish 45%
Ear Wax / Honey very high grade hash, very powerful 90%

Take And Medicate to Go Form:

Simply email us a list and your phone number and will prepare your food (and 1/8ths or ounces) for quick pick up at our MMJ Center locations in Colorado Springs.

Don't medicate and operate a motor vehicle.

Need help?

Call and speak with one of our Master Growers, Bud Tenders or Master Chefs.

Our team is ready to answer your questions, concerns, and special orders.

Call today and taste the difference of medical marijuana edibles.

Indica Strains
  • Blueberry - Indica
  • Sugar Black Rose - Indica
  • Northern Lights - Indica
  • Holy Grail - Indica
  • Hog - Indica
  • Lavneder - Indica
  • Cantalope Kush - Indica
  • Blue Dream - Indica
  • Northern Lights Special - Indica
  • Silver Kush - Indica
  • God's Bud - Indica
  • Great White Shark - Indica
  • Blue Cheese - Indica
  • G13-Haze - Indica
  • Critical Mas #11 - Indica
  • Hawaian - Indica

Hybrid Strains

Indica Strains for sale
  • Haze - Sativa
  • White Queen - Sativa
  • Super Cantalope - Sativa
  • Moby Dick – Sativa
  • Cannadential - Sativa
  • Recon - Sativa
  • LSD - Sativa
  • Maui - Sativa
  • Headband - Sativa
  • Purple Dream - Sativa
  • Pineapple Express - Sativa
  • Smile - Sativa
  • Chem Dawg - Sativa
  • Moby Dick/ChemDawg - Sativa
  • AK - 60/40 - Sativa

...mmj strains urban legend

mmj strains jack herer

mmj strains maui

mmj strains white widow

mmj strains razzleberry skunk

mmj strains lavender

mmj strains pineapple

mmj strains cannadential

mmj strains ear wax honey