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High-End Medical Marijuana Edibles Kitchen

  • MMJ Edibles Distribution

    Discreet Treats offers fresh, locally grown and professionally prepared medical marijuana edibles products across Colorado.

  • MMJ Sweet and Savory

    Discreet Treats offers a variety of medical marijuana edibles for every palate. From Pizzas, brownies, to Canna Chips and more..

  • MMJ Edibles Hot and Cold

    Discreet Treats offers both hot and cold ready-to-serve medical marijuana menu items. Try some "This ain't your papas MMJ Pizza" or some Kush Clusters for your next NFL game.

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  • MMJ Special Orders?

    Have a special medial marijuana menu request? Our team of professional Chefs will be delighted to prepare special items to fit your medical marijuana needs....and appetite.

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Our Medical Marijuana Crops & Chefs

Medical Cannabis is a crop and commodity. Who better to know good bud than Master Growers and Master Chefs? That what we thought too.

With Discreet Treats you have options. You can inhale. Or you can dine. Both methods offer unique medical marijuana options that go above and beyond your conventional medical marijuana centers.

Come in and find out if Medical Marijuana smoke and/or edibles are right for you.

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