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Our Medical Marijuana Centers in Colorado Springs

MMJ Centers + Edibles

Discreet Treats has 2 convenient MMJ Centers in Colorado Springs + 1 commercial-grade Medical Cannabis Kitchen with a full line of edibles for all occasions, diets.

Visit us today or order online for pick-up options.

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MMJ Edibles
Indica Strains for sale
  • Blueberry - Indica
  • Sugar Black Rose - Indica
  • Northern Lights - Indica
  • Holy Grail - Indica
  • Hog - Indica
  • Lavneder - Indica
  • Cantalope Kush - Indica
  • Blue Dream - Indica
  • Northern Lights Special - Indica
  • Silver Kush - Indica
  • God's Bud - Indica
  • Great White Shark - Indica
  • Blue Cheese - Indica
  • G13-Haze - Indica
  • Critical Mas #11 - Indica
  • Hawaian - Indica

Sativa Strains for sale
  • Haze - Sativa
  • White Queen - Sativa
  • Super Cantalope - Sativa
  • Moby Dick – Sativa
  • Cannadential - Sativa
  • Recon - Sativa
  • LSD - Sativa
  • Maui - Sativa
  • Headband - Sativa
  • Purple Dream - Sativa
  • Pineapple Express - Sativa
  • Smile - Sativa
  • Chem Dawg - Sativa
  • Moby Dick/ChemDawg - Sativa
  • AK - 60/40 - Sativa

mmj strains

mmj strains

Medical Marijuana Hash Oils
MMJ Hash Oils, Bubble Hash and Honey Wax

Not only do we offer a variety of cannabis strains, we also offer a fine selection of commercially prepared marijuana oils, waxes and even capsules for moments when you choose not to smoke.

Want Medical Marijuana without smoking?

Try our professionally prepared MMJ Edibles for all diets and moments - from "sweet and savory" to "hot and spicy" our infused product line is effective and delicious.


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mmj strains


Discreet MMJ Center I

288 S. Academy Blvd. #C Colorado Springs, CO 80910


With Master Growers, Master Chefs and years of experience in cannabis, Discreet Treats is an expert in both growing and preparing medical marijuana for safe consumption. Discreet Treats carries a wide variety of individual strains of medical marijuana.


All Discreet Treats marijuana is chemical free and has been tested for quality and safety. Discreet Treats also offers a variety of edible products and healing tinctures.

Discreet MMJ Center II

101 N. Tejon, Ste 102 Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Discreet Treats is a leading Colorado Springs' medical marijuana center and edibles kitchen. Discreet Treats provides alternative medicine to aid in the treatment of psychological or physiological ailments. Discreet Treats firmly believes in the importance of a holistic and healthy lifestyle and is committing to finding an individualized treatment plan for each patient.


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