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Medical Marijuana Colorado Resources

Cannabis strains:

Cannabis Sativa: Originated in Asia. The plant is tall and leggy with large, narrow-bladed leaves, a sprawling root system, and sparse flowers. Sativa creates more of a mental high, tending to give one more energy. High THC to CBD ratio.

Cannabis Indica: Originated in Pakistan and India. The plant is squat and bushy with a condensed root system, stout stems, broad leaves, and fat, heavy flowers. Indica creates more of a body high, tending to make one more sleepy. High CBD to THC ratio.

Cannabis Ruderalis: Brought to Amsterdam in the 1980s. The plant is short, weedy, and scrubby with a very little THC. Ruderalis tends to yield a headache rather than alleviate pain.

Cannabis Afganica: Originated in Afghanistan. The plant is short with distinctive broad, dark-green leaflets and leaves, and dense branching. This strain is often lumped into the indica strain.

It is best to have a blend as it balances the side effects of each strain. Too much THC (found in higher doses in sativa) tends to cause anxiety, paranoia, or even temporary psychosis. Too much CBN (found in indica) has a more mellowing effect.

When you find a strain(s) that is most helpful for you, you can buy a clone of that strain in the dispensary and grow up to 6 personal plants at a time.


Medical Marijuana Edibles:
  • Edible products are just as potent as other forms of marijuana. The active ingredient in marijuana, THC, is fat soluble. Therefore, the best way to make edible products is to simmer the leaves in something fatty, like butter or milk. It is best simmered slowly for a long period of time; then the leaves can be strained out.
  • Recipe: Simmer 1/4 lb of butter with 1/2 ounce of marijuana. Strain the leaves. Use the "marijuana butter" when baking brownies, cookies, etc.
  • Please note, it may take 1/2 hour to an hour to have an effect, so please be cautious.
Medical Marijuana Cooking Classes:
  • Want to learn more about cooking with Cannabis?
  • Want to find an alternative to smoking marijuana?
  • Like to cook? Enjoy fine dinning? Or sweets?
  • Never cooked before? Then try medical marijuana edibles.
  • Ever tried balms or hash oils?
  • Find out if MMJ is right for you.
  • Call today and let us help.